Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics is the best guide for the students preparing for various boards and competitive exams. These contain solved questions provided in the textbook that are a great help to the students. The solutions are created by the subject matter experts and are accurate. The students can write these explanations in the examination as well.

The students appearing for UP board, MP board, Gujarat board, CBSE, and competitive exams like JEE and NEET should refer to the NCERT Solutions. This will help the students score well in the examination. Do you feel scared to solve physics complex calculations? Not anymore with our massive array of calculators provided on all physics concepts. Free Online Physics Calculator Helps you to solve problems easily and saves your time.

Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions Chapter-wise PDF Download

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Physics- Advantages

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Physics have the following advantages:

  1. NCERT Solutions are prepared by academic experts and hence provide accurate solutions.
  2. These help the students in in-depth understanding of the concepts.
  3. These prepare the students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.
  4. The students can refer to the NCERT Solutions for better results.

Chapter 1- Electric Charges and Field

This chapter gives a detailed analysis of electric charges and electric fields. It explains how do we experience an electric shock sensation while taking off clothes or while opening a door. The students can refer to these concepts for the basic understanding of electric charge and field.

Chapter 2- Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

This chapter deals with the conservative forces like spring and gravitational force. The students can also look into the concepts such as electrostatic force between charges, capacitor, electric field and torque. These concepts are very important and should be referred to in detail.

Chapter 3- Current Electricity

This chapter gives a detailed analysis of how the flow of charges generate electric current. The derivations and numericals in this chapter are very important and should be practiced carefully. The students can refer to the NCERT Solutions in case of any doubts.

Chapter 4- Moving Charges and Magnetism

This chapter gives an overview of the laws that obey electricity and magnetism. It also explains the forces that are exerted by the magnetic field on the moving charge particles like electrons, protons and current carrying wires. This chapter lays the foundation for the students who want to pursue higher studies in electric field. This is one of the important chapters and should be dealt with carefully.

Chapter 5- Magnetism and Matter

This chapter describes the concepts like magnetic field lines, magnetic moment, magnetic field strength, susceptibility, etc. The students can solve the questions given at the end of the chapter and can refer to the NCERT Solutions in case of any doubt.

Chapter 6- Electromagnetic Induction

This chapter also deals with the two important concepts, electricity and magnetism and their relation with each other. The chapter also explains the experiments of Faraday’s, and Henry, magnetic flux, and electromotive force. The students should memorize the major concepts to score well.

Chapter 7- Alternating Current

This chapter gives a detailed account of the concepts alternating current and alternating current voltage. It also explains how most of the electrical devices use AC voltage. Read this chapter thoroughly for better understanding.

Chapter 8- Electromagnetic Trends

This chapter explains the different types of electromagnetic waves and the differences between them. Various principles related to the electromagnetic waves are also explained here. Refer to the NCERT Solutions for easy understanding of the concepts.

Chapter 9- Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

This chapter explains the phenomenon of reflection, refraction, dispersion of light, and the basic laws of reflection and refraction. The formation of image using the laws of reflection and refraction are also described. These concepts should be dealt with in detail.

Chapter 10- Wave Optics

In this chapter the students can learn about the Huygen’s principle and the derivations for the laws of reflection and refraction. The phenomenon of interference based on the principle of superposition is also discussed here. The students will learn that the phenomenon of diffraction  based on Huygen’s Fresnel Principle. This is an important chapter and should be dealt with in-depth.

Chapter 11- Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

This chapter gives a detailed analysis of photoelectric effect. The students can refer to the NCERT Solutions Class 12 Physics for an easy understanding of these concepts.

Chapter 12- Atoms

This chapter explains the structure and properties of atoms. The Thomson’s model and Rutherford’s model are also explained here. The students can go through NCERT Solutions Class 12 Chapter 12 Physics for reference.

Chapter 13- Nuclei

This chapter gives an in-depth knowledge about the nucleus of the atom. It properties and the mass related theories are also explained here. These concepts can help the students in higher studies.

Chapter 14- Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices, and Simple Circuits

This chapter discusses the basic concepts of semiconductor Physics and semiconductor devices such as junction diodes and bipolar junction transistor. This chapter also contains circuit diagrams and numericals. Refer to NCERT Solutions for easy and stepwise methods of solving the questions.

Chapter 15- Communication Systems

This chapter explains the basic elements of communication systems and the roles played by each element. It also contains exercises to be solved at the end of the chapter. The students can refer to the NCERT Solutions in case of any doubt.


NCERT Solutions are the best guide to the students preparing for boards and competitive exams. It provides in-depth knowledge of all the concepts provided in the textbook. It is not only beneficial for the exams but also for further studies. All the students are advised to go through the NCERT Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do NCERT Solutions help the Physics students?

Most of the times the students get stuck while revising during the exams. NCERT Solutions are reference books for such students. The solutions are provided in an easy to understand language. The students can refer to these for brushing up their concepts.

How are NCERT Solutions important?

NCERT Solutions are created by subject matter experts and, hence, contain accurate solutions to the questions. The also contain the solutions in an easy language that the students can understand easily.